debbieEquipped To Go was founded in 2010, by Debbie Stephens, to provide a variety of services to individuals or groups traveling, living or working cross-culturally. We meet each individual, church or non-profit organization where they are by providing customized workshops and resources that will prepare them for their cross-cultural experience.

In addition to our customized workshops, we are thrilled to offer online mission courses that will provide comprehensive training. The sessions can stand alone or you can view the whole course at your convenience. Faith-based groups and individuals will find the Fundamentals course invaluable as they explore important subjects that every person will want and need to know before they go. Fundamentals for Cross-Cultural Missions will also be advantageous to Team Leaders, providing topical discussions for their team meetings and a downloadable handout with reflective questions to facilitate discussion.

For those of you who are international travelers, you will not want to miss our Safety and Security video! It will help you to understand potential risks and provide you with best practices to minimize adverse situations.

ETG LIVE – In Person Training

These online videos are a great addition to our Short-Term Missions Team Leader Training.   This in-person training is available either as one or two-day sessions and allows organizations to expand their outreach efforts by equipping lay leaders to effectively lead short-term teams.


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