Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these videos for?

The Fundamentals of Cross-Cultural Missions videos can be used as faith-based mission training for:

1) Individuals serving or moving overseas and want to know how to engage their new culture
2) Team Leaders in preparing their group with pertinent topics and discussion questions
3) Churches or Faith-based organizations that want to provide basic mission classes

Can I book LIVE in-person training at my church?

Yes!  Our in-person trainings are interactive, team building experiences for your organization.  We are able to go deeper into each session with group activities, case studies and discussion that we are unable to do through the online videos.

Expand your global outreach by engaging and empowering leaders in your organization through Short-Term Missions Team Leader Training. Prepare your teams with an in-depth look at Overseas Safety and Security including risk assessment, crisis management and survival techniques.

How do vouchers work?

Equip your people for mission by purchasing vouchers to view online videos. Each voucher will have a code that will be good for individual videos for a limited time. Unlike the monthly subscription, these vouchers can be given at your discretion and viewed by individuals or teams at their convenience in their homes.

Can I purchase the course to show a group?

Fundamentals for Cross-Cultural Missions is designed to take individuals and teams through vital instruction before serving internationally. Yes, please show the videos to your group. We just ask that you not share your login information with others. The person who purchased the course must be present when the videos are shared with a larger group.

How do subscriptions work?

If your organization sends a number of teams/individuals, you may want to purchase a subscription to the videos. With a monthly subscription each video can be watched an unlimited amount of times. This allows you to open up the training to individuals, teams, missions classes, etc. We only ask that the videos be shown at your organization and that you do not give out the login information to individuals.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We’re sorry you want to cancel. Let us know if there is something we can do to keep you.

To view purchase history or cancel a subscription go to ‘My Account‘ in the menu. There are no partial refunds so you will still have access to the course until your subscription expiration date.

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