Fundamentals for Cross-Cultural Missions Course

Faith-based organizations can improve the quality and overall impact of their short-term mission teams by investing in comprehensive mission training. Your teams will be be more confident and better prepared to serve alongside the community they are engaging.

Equipped To Go exists because we have been called to provide this training. Having provided on-site training for years to churches, groups and individuals we are excited to now offer our Fundamentals for Cross-Cultural Missions Course online video series as well.

Course Preview

Fundamentals for Cross-Cultural Missions Course

(includes all 5 videos)

This video course covers the fundamentals of cross-cultural ministry through these five sessions:

Lesson 1 - Blessed To Be A Blessing

A Biblical basis for being on mission with God.

Take a journey through the Word as we explore why we do missions and what it means to be called. Throughout history God has been sending His people out to be His ambassadors.

Will you say, “Here am I, send me.”?!

Blessed To Be A Blessing – Preview

Lesson 2 - Culture

The signs and triggers of culture shock and how to deal with it.

Being immersed in another culture can create a sense of disorientation. This session will examine the triggers, stages and signs of culture shock and how to overcome before it overtakes you!

Culture – Preview

Lesson 3 - Bridges & Barriers

Examines worldview and bridges and barriers to communicating the gospel cross-culturally.

Although we may be different, there are things that are universal to all people. This session will investigate worldview and how that impacts communication, as well as, bridges and barriers between cultures.

Bridges & Barriers – Preview

Lesson 4 - Spiritual Preparation

Discusses prayer, spiritual warfare and sharing your story. 

Preparing to serve cross-culturally takes more than buying an airline ticket. Add tools to your spiritual toolbox as we discuss key topics like prayer, spiritual warfare, and sharing your story.

Spiritual Preparation – Preview

Lesson 5 - Safety & Security

Understanding the potential risks of global travel and best practices to minimize adverse situations.

International Travelers, this one is for you! Understand the potential risks of global travel and learn best practices to minimize adverse situations. Included with this session is a Pre-Travel Checklist.

Safety & Security – Preview

Individuals who are working or traveling to another country will benefit from the tools and techniques shared as they live out their faith in a foreign context.

Downloadable handouts are included with each lesson.
Each session has a downloadable handout with notes, discussion questions and checklists that will assist in the preparation. This allows the team leader to cover the essentials, but also spend their limited time researching and preparing for country and task specific information.

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Expand your global outreach by engaging and empowering leaders in your organization through Short Term Missions Team Leader Training. Our customized workshop equips leaders to prepare more effective mission teams with practical tools for Spiritual Preparation, Health and Safety, Church-Planting Strategy, Security and Crisis Management, Debriefing and Next Steps.

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